Projects generally cost $3 per contact for lists of 300+ contacts.  Most projects are able to be completed within one business week, depending on the size of the list you need. 


How we can help:

New B2B Marketing Databases

Ideal for those who need to start from scratch. You provide us with the target companies, or just the firmographic profiles of the companies, and the target titles you're interested in.  From there, we'll research and provide full contact information on the sales prospects that fit the profiles, and deliver them to you in an Excel or CSV file.

Database Refresh

When you have a pretty good database, but you know that you're missing some key contacts.  Simply send us a list of the companies, along with the names and titles of the contacts you already have in those companies, and we’ll then work around your existing names and bridge the gaps with net-new contacts you don’t already have.

Old List Cleanup

You have a database that needs to be cleaned and updated...and then you'd like us to fill in any missing contacts.  Or perhaps you have a list or database but you have no idea how old it is, or if the contacts are still valid.  We’ll verify your information, cleaning and updating your existing list. Then, we’ll search for net-new sales prospects and provide you with what you're missing.


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For additional information on any of our services, please contact one of our research specialists.

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