When you realize your database or prospect list is overdue for a much-needed update, get it done right.  Businesses move to new locations, they hire new executives, and add new services that your organization needs to know about.  When the leads you’re working are no longer working for you, it’s time to ensure you’re not spinning your wheels while the competition is signing contracts.

At Custom List Crafters, we know that not every company needs a built-from-scratch marketing list and that, in many cases, a thorough scrub and verification is the right option.  If you already have a list you’re comfortable with, our team can ensure that the information it contains is as current and accurate as possible.

  • Verification and updates on key contacts or executives
  • Identifying any recent moves or changes in headquarters & branch locations
  • Verification of essential titles, phone numbers, and email addresses
  • Removal of duplicate listings and businesses that have closed
  • The addition of new sub-industries to help your team identify all possibilities

Guaranteed Accurate Database Cleanup Services

Unlike today’s list brokers, we take your existing data a step further by individually verifying each prospect on your current list to ensure that any recent personnel changes are reflected during the scrub and verification process.  This ultimately ensures that you and your staff are working from the most accurate list possible.


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