The sales process begins with identifying your very best prospects. You must identify the right potential buyers of your service in those companies most likely to have a need, and then find a way to get your information in front of them in order to make a sale.

When you consider the value of your staff's time—not to mention the frustration they are likely experiencing—it rarely makes sense to ask them to find their own sales prospects.  It's just not efficient.  Anyone who has done it knows that it’s not as easy as running a simple search for a term in a database.  Quality is always spotty, and all data needs to be extracted and verified in multiple sources to ensure accuracy.

The Problem with Traditional Sales Prospects

Research has shown that the typical salesperson spends almost 17 minutes looking for a single sales prospect, and over 75% of the time the information they find is inaccurate, outdated, or incomplete.  Sales prospect identification is a blend of art and science, and many sales and marketing people misspend their time in this area, becoming incredibly frustrated in the process.

A Superior Alternative to List Brokers

List brokers would seem to be an option, but they only sell the contacts they have already acquired.  And what are the chances they have exactly the people you need in the exact companies you need them in?  At Custom List Crafters, we conduct fresh, customized prospect identification research projects after learning about your specific list needs.  Moreover, we bypass the confirmed contacts you already have, so not a dollar is wasted.

The end result is a prospect list that you and your team can work on with confidence, with the assurance that your data is backed by our 100% accuracy guarantee.  For more detailed information on why we’re the best choice for handcrafted marketing lists, call Custom List Crafters today at 585-312-2860 or drop us a line through our secure contact page.

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